Competitions 2019
Can be viewed on ClubV1 and HowDidIDo App and website.
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Competitions can be enterd via apps or on PSI Screen in Clubhouse.

All Club Competitions are Mixed and open to all Handicaps.

During Competitions everyone has a start time. Earlier starters who arrive on 10th tee, please allow those on the 1st tee to start their round before continuing yours from the 10th tee.

During General Play alternates with 1st & 10th tee.

Two Starting Tees. 1st & 4th tees. Please start from the correct tee at your start time.

Please pay your Competition fee @ £3 per Competition or £30 for the Season.

If you are down to play & are unable to make your start time please remove yourself before 6pm on Friday before Competitions to allow others to fill availability.

Best and easiest way to see the Club Diary is on ClubV1,HowDidIDo or Club website.

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