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Following the end of season Competitions and Handicap review, the committee has made the following changes for the 2024 season:

The handicap index level that separates divisions 2 and 3 has been amended from 19.4 to 18.4. This will have the effect of there being a few less players in division 2 and a few more players in division 3 with the aim of balancing the distribution of players throughout the divisions more evenly. This should not be confused however, with the trophy handicap index limit of 19.4 (where applicable) which remains unchanged.

The qualifying status of the Bowen Cup (par bogey format) has been changed from non-qualifying to qualifying.

The way that ties are resolved in the Simpson Cup has been amended. Presently, a tie was resolved by scorecard matching of the 2nd round scorecards. From 2024, where there is a combined score tie, the player with the best 2nd round scorecard will be declared the winner. Only if those 2nd round scorecards are tied shall they be matched.This aligns more closely with recommendations offered by the R&A.

These local changes, terms of all competitions, competition rules and other information can be viewed in the Competitions Folder or on your V1 APP.

Open Club V1 > Dashboard > scroll down to documents > Course Information > Competitions Folder for use 2023.


2024 changes to the World Handicapping System (at least, those that may affect Burslem Golf Club):

More frequent ‘PLAYING CONDITIONS CALCULATION’ adjustments.

The P.C.C. (Old standard scratch) (-1 to +3) should come into effect more frequently, to reflect abnormal playing conditions.

‘NON STANDARD NUMBER OF HOLES’ can be used for handicap purposes.

Competitions can be played over 14 holes.

Use of an ‘EXPECTED SCORE’ for a hole not played.

Instead a player being awarded nett par to neutralise holes not played, an algorithm will calculate the ‘expected score’ for each individual player based on their historical results.

Changes to ‘COURSE HANDICAP CALCULATION’ (ie. the addition of course rating - par).

Presently - course handicap = handicap index x slope/ 113

In future - course handicap = handicap index x slope/113 + (course rating - course par)

What does this mean? Basically, where the course rating is higher than the par, shots (or fractions of shots) will be received.
Conversely, where the course rating is is lower than par, shots (or fractions of shots) will be lost.

This calculation is unrounded, our software will apply machine precision (ie. to the decimal point) to establish your course handicap. Rounding to a whole integer will only occur at the ‘playing handicap’ stage.

Men’s white tee (66.1 - 66) = .1 shot gained

Men’s yellow tee (65.1 - 66) = -.9 shot lost

Women’s red tee (66.5 - 68) = -1.5 shots lost

Men’s red tee (62.4 - 68) = -5.6 shots lost

For competitions that are managed manually, such as non-qualifying friendly competitions (eg. McNicholas, Kelly’s etc.) or matchplay scenarios, our course handicap board may be used in the usual way, once it has been updated. (See caveat below)

There are several bodies that are questioning whether a slope rating board is required at all. They say that a change to a par or a course change that affects the rating or a WHS adjustment (like this one) renders them instantly ‘out of date’. They are instead, encouraging clubs to consider the use of technology which can kept up to date more easily such as: handicap calculators on smart phone apps, a Q code that can be scanned, or just print off a set of up to date slope tables which can be pinned to a notice board or displayed outside. The use of technology might also avoid ‘double rounding’. England Golf will be publicising advice regarding these options over the next few weeks which will need consideration from our committee before a decision is made.

Betterball competitions will now be qualifying (subject to certain triggers being hit)

The Tarbuck Cup and the Billings Trophy will become qualifying competitions.

There is plenty of information available on these changes. Google - ‘WHS changes 2024’

So, do you need to lose any sleep over the changes to qualifying competitions? The answer is - no, not a wink!

Sign in (your handicap index, course handicap and playing handicap will be clearly displayed).
Play your best golf.
Make sure that you complete your scorecard correctly.
Enter your score into the PSI terminal.
Submit your scorecard.

That’s as tricky as it gets.

Forwarded for your information.

Des Keeling

  • Changes for the new season
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