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Soon, our first qualifying competition’s start sheet (April Medal) will ‘go live’ on Club V1 members hub. When you enter your name on the sheet you may be surprised to see that your playing handicap may increase, or decrease, by a stroke relative to your handicap index. Please do not be alarmed. This is because, under the WHS, playing handicaps for competitions are 95% of course handicap. In addition, all our qualifying competitions are mixed events and the adjustment will reflect the differential in the course ratings between the men’s and women’s courses, dependent on the format of play. This is mandatory.
The playing handicap only has relevance in determining who wins net score competitions and plays no part in the calculation of handicap index.

“Clear as mud hey”!

“So what’s the BOTTOM LINE”? - Play golf, put your scores down, make sure your card is completed correctly and submit it.

Senior Men Red Tees

We have been experiencing difficulties with our software regarding ‘optional tee sets’. We are working with Club Systems to resolve this ASAP. In the meantime, can we ask that male members who qualify and elect to use the red tee sets DO NOT enter scores into the PSI terminal or HowDidiDo App.

BOTTOM LINE - play golf, put your scores down, make sure that card is completed correctly including the tee sets used and submit it.

Best Regards,

Competition and Handicap Committee

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